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The Fund rules are registered by the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia (Decision 207-А dated 20.12.2019).

The Fund operates on the basis of the Law “On Investment Funds” and the relevant regulations of the Central Bank of Armenia.


Investment Fund

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The Fund was established with the purpose of placing investors’ funds in international financial markets and offers investors cooperation on a mutually beneficial basis.

Our Team

  • Liquidity risk is minimized as investments are made in the world’s most liquid and largest stock market.
  • The main risk is price risk, i.e. the risk of an unfavourable change in the price of an asset. This risk is minimized by the risk management of the investment portfolio in order to avoid losses of the Fund’s assets.


More than 40 years experience in financial markets.


The United States of America, Canada, Russia

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World Practice

According to the established practice, investment funds charge commission payments according to the “2/20” scheme, i.e. 2% of the number of funds under management + 20% of the annual profit from the management of funds.

Management Service Fee

The GM CAPITAL Fund has a management fee of 0 (zero) per cent of the number of funds under management.

Performance Fee

If the result of management is up to 8%  per year inclusive, then the manager does not receive remuneration; if the result exceeds 8% per year, then the amount exceeding 8%  is divided between the Fund and the investor in a 50/50 ratio


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